About Real Strength Athletics

We began on the sole premise to show everyone that there are incredible athletes in the world today that can accomplish great feats of athleticism and strength without the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Unfortunately anything that is done out of the norm or unheard of is usually linked to the use of PED’s. Can you really blame people? Regardless of the sport whether its Football, Baseball, Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, etc.. There has been an increased prevalence of the use of PED’s especially among higher caliber athletes to obtain that elite level status, but its not just high caliber athletes that are using them. The average athlete uses them in order to gain an elite level status or unfair advantage over others. However, what people don’t realize is PED’s will only enhance your natural ability and won’t make you something your not. It will make you bigger, faster and stronger but won’t make turn you into an elite athlete. The majority of the amazing feats that are obtained are done with the use of some type of PED or banned substance. However, there are natural athletes out there that can defy all odds and do feats that are rare, unheard of, or even never done before.


Our goal is to be more than just a brand, but a message to show athletes and younger generations that you can reach your genetic potential without the use of PED’s. We outfit and help support drug-free athletes on their endeavors and on their road to make history.

We outfit and support all athletes on their endeavors and on their road to make history


We believe that we can inspire others to reach their full potential while having fun and being safe. We have an image that promotes an athletes natural ability to show the world that there are athletes out there that can do the impossible.

Many times a year there are athletes who compete in tested federations and test positive for a banned substances which isn’t fair to those athletes who do it naturally. In some sports, athletes that are on PED’s inflate most of the records making it seemingly impossible to break them if you are natural. However, we are proud to say we have some athletes that set the bar even higher surpassing those who want to take an unfair advantage. We want to support the strongest athletes in the world to inspire younger generations to find their natural potential. Most feats of athleticism are tied to drug use so we have and will continue to show the world that there are athletes that can do the impossible and reach elite level statuses without the use of PED’s.